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Brian Bliss

"Stanley is a true soccer person whether it be playing or coaching, which I have seen both as Technical Director for the Crew. Stanley's passion and commitment to the game have helped him excel as a player and as a coach. The knowledge and how he fosters the environment for getting better is what makes Stanley an asset to the soccer community." 


• Former Chicago Fire (MLS) Technical Director 

• Former USA Under-20 Men’s National Team Assistant Coach (Current Position)

• Former Columbus Crew (MLS) Technical Director 

• Played in the MLS for Columbus Crew, KC Wizards, MetroStars

• Former KC Wizards (MLS) Head Coach

• Former Columbus Crew Interim Coach

• USA National Team (44 Appearances, 1990 World Cup) 

"I would like to praise you for your commitment to our students. The smiles on their faces from ages 2-5 are priceless when they see you coming in the school. I always hear is it soccer day. I would recommend you to any age for your experience, love and energy not only for soccer but love for the children in how you teach... Thank you again for all you do."

Shannon M. Holt - Former Assistant Director of Programs (St. John Children's Center)

"I am writing to express how pleased Open Arms has been with Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer Inc.  Our students just LOVE the program; they look forward to Mondays so they may go to soccer to “kick-around” with Mr. Stanley & his team. The parents could not be more excited to see how well the students have progressed in Stanley’s program.
Stanley also has wonderful and thorough communication skills.  He fully communicates with all Administrators at our school, as well as the students’ teachers.  Stanley follows up with the parents after each class if the student happens to be struggling or may be able to advance to another level.
Stanley Nyazamba keeps his marketing material updated for our web site so the parents are always welcome to join the classes throughout the year.  He loves the children and loves his job…and it shows! We are blessed to have Stanley at Open Arms Buckhead!"

Dara B. Liberatore, M.Ed.  (Former Executive Director)


"Stanley has been instrumental in developing all three of my boys to their fullest soccer potential. Moreover, Stanley's unique approach instills character and hard work. I very much enjoyed getting to know Stanley and I admire his dedication and perseverance. I wish him only the best." 

David Hart (Parent)



"Stanley Nyazamba began teaching soccer to our son during his preschool soccer program, and continued to coach him through two additional years of soccer.  Stanley's passion for the game and his motivational coaching methods helped our son to develop both strong technical skills and a love of soccer. Stanley cares about his soccer students and is truly interested in helping them to reach their full potential.  He accomplishes that by providing the right mix of fun and focus, and the benefits of his coaching extend well beyond soccer. We highly recommend his soccer program to kids of all ages who are to looking to develop their skills as well as their character."

Eva Hartmann (Parent)



"Stanley is an amazing soccer coach We had the pleasure of having Coach Stanley coach at The Goddard School for 2+ years! He was always very engaging and had a great time playing with the students. Coach Stanley has a lot of energy and does a great job keeping the student’s attention (which is not always easy with young students). Coach Stanley is able to develop and adapt games to be developmentally appropriate for many different ages! I would recommend Coach Stanley without hesitation for coaching soccer for any age group!" 

Nikki Harvell - Director (The Goddard School)   



"Stanley has been coaching my two children in soccer at preschool for 3 years. They always look forward to soccer day with him, and he has an amazing way with kids. He gets them excited about soccer in a way that is engaging for their ages. His exercises are the perfect combination of silliness, fun and skill building. My older child recently started on a soccer team, and she was well prepared due to the skills that she had learned from Stanley over the years." 

Catherine Rafferty (Parent)   


"Coach Stanley has been the soccer coach at our school for the past 3 years. He always arrives with a smile on his face, eager to teach our children the ins and outs of soccer. His love for the game and our children is evident in the interaction and devotion he displays week after week. The children at Chesterbrook Academy look forward to soccer every week! Thank you to Coach Stanley for making this program so enjoyable for our students!!" 

Lori Layne - Principal (Chesterbrook Academy 812)



"My children have had so much fun with all of the soccer skills that they have learned over the years. They are always are coming home so excited to show me new moves and activities they enjoyed that day. Coach Stanley has been great to my children and works very well with all the children. He is patient and always willing to help. I love this program because my children love it so much." 

Libby Hewitt (Parent)



"Stanley Nyazamba or better known to the children at Tuckaway Varina as “Stan the Man,” Coach Stanley is a very dedicated and highly respected part of our Tuckaway family. He has been with us for the past 3 years sharing his soccer wisdom. The children have learned so many great techniques and soccer fundamentals. We look forward to seeing him year after year every soccer season. Coach Stan not only has a welcoming spirit with the children but he has an excellent relationship with the staff. He always has his game face on, but he is always fun and energetic when he comes for soccer with our little kicks." 

Stacie Price - Principal (Tuckaway Varina)



"Mr. Stanley has been working with my son Jayden at his Learning Center and he is awesome! Mr. Stanley is very motivated and passionate about what he does. Not only does he teach soccer, but he teaches active listening skills with his fun warm ups! Every Thursday Jayden says "It's soccer day mommie and Mr. Stanley says "no hands"! Jayden really enjoys soccer and Mr. Stanley is a great teacher!" 

Marquia (Parent) 



"My daughter loves this program. She can even tell me what she did in class that day. Which for me is a sign of a great program!"

Kim (Parent) 



"My twins LOVE Kidz 'N' Kicks soccer after a long day at Preschool!  They get some exercise and always tell stories about Coach Stanley and the drills and games they have played. This mom loves that they are getting some supervised activity that involves moving their little bodies and working on their foot skills!  I'm so happy our school offers this wonderful program!"

Jennifer (Parent)



"I first met Coach Stanley as he stopped by our new preschool to drop off flyers about his program. He was absolutely mobbed by the smiling kids who all cheered, "Coach Stanely!" I made a note that this guy seems to have an incredibly special way with preschoolers, and when my daughter pleaded with me to 'sign her up for soccer,' I remembered how great the coach seemed. Yet, I was even more impressed after she started working with Coach Stanley! She comes home and tells me all about the creative games they play at soccer practice, and what I can't quite follow from her 4-year-old-animated descriptions, I can interpret after reading Coach Stanely's weekly lesson plan emails. I'm so happy that our school offers his lessons and I'm thrilled to have my daughter working with such a gifted and talented coach!"

Leah (Parent)


"All three of my kids have had Mr. Stanley as their intro coach to soccer at their Montessori school. It is the best way to get the muscle memory of fundamentals while playing a zillion different funny games. Their association with soccer is so positive and we can play as a family in the yard, in spite of them being quite young. He is awesome to work with, parent to coach. What a gift!"

Brittany (Parent)

"Our daughter loves Coach Stanley and "Soccer Tuesday"! We were so surprised to see her take to the program at only 2 years old... but it's the favorite part of her week at preschool. She's motivated to play the games and it's a great outlet for her energy! She has now completed 2 sessions and we plan on keeping her involved for as long as the program is available at her school. I cannot recommend Kidz 'n' Kicks enough!"

Mary-Kate (Parent)

"We really love the soccer program at OPP and feel so lucky to have such a program that obviously cares about the kids and what they are learning. Every week we get a very detailed explanation of what they are doing in their session, including, an explanation of why and how it is helping them develop their skills. Great program I would highly recommend to anyone with access! Keep up the great work Kidz 'n' Kicks! Thank you!"

Melanie (Parent)

"We were lucky to have this program offered at Northside Drive Baptist Church preschool - and from day one our child enjoyed the program. What a great way to intro to soccer - without the dreaded Saturdays watching masses of kids rove around a field after a ball! Just perfect for this age and keeps it super fun."

Gina (Parent)

"Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer just wrapped up a 6 week program at my son's daycare and the kids had a blast! Coach Aaron certainly had a challenge with a group of toddlers who knew nothing about soccer but he was so patient and kind with the kids. It was a great experience for my 2 year old to learn about taking instruction, team work, and exercise! I would recommend Kidz 'n' Kicks to anyone."

Kris (Parent)

"This is a GREAT program. The coaches are so much fun! One of my 2 daughters has been participating for the last 3 years and have always loved it. The only reason that the oldest isn't doing it now is she moved schools. When my youngest moves schools this fall we will be trying to participate in the Saturday programs."

Kim (Parent)

"My 4 year old has been in the program at school all year. He LOVES it. They have well thought out games to learn the skills and he's really improved! The communication is great. Stanley sends a detailed email out each week with the theme, the games and the skills they worked on. We are really excited to continue in the fall! Thank you!!"

Sara (Parent)

"Coach Stanley and his team are EXCELLENT. I am a pediatric physical therapist and I feel I am very in tune to good exercise programs for kids. This grop program is TOP NOTCH. The attention to detail and relevance to emergent skills are uncanny. Additionally, both of my sons have a great love of soccer. I believe this can be attributed to a most positive early start. Thank you Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer!!!"

Jaclyn (Parent)

"We started Kidz n Kicks Soccer this year and my 3 year old loves the program and Coach Stanley. Every week they have a creative program that includes warm up, stretches, skill development, and a healthy dose of imaginative games. Jumping jacks are super fun if you think of them as "star", "pencil", "star". My son always has fun playing the games and he is already a better soccer player than his mom!  :) Thank you Coach Stanley for bringing such a great program to our children!"

Erin (Parent)

"My 2.5 year old daughter can't stop talking about 'playing soccer with coach'. Not only does she love it, but I am extremely impressed reading the details of each weekly lesson. It is amazing all Coach is able to do with kids of this age via specially tailored lessons. This is the beginning of a long fruitful relationship with Kidz n Kicks soccer!!!"

Renee (Parent)

"Our son has absolutely loved Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer with Coach Stanley! He was born loving games and sports and this was his first taste of coach instruction. I know he has been given a great foundation to build on as he grows both as an athlete and as a good sportsman!"

Leslie (Parent)

"Our boys loved Kidz 'n Kicks and Coach Stanley and Coach Tony! The best thing about it is that it focuses more on listening skills and ball skills than anything else--it's an awesome low-pressure introduction to soccer."

Alia (Parent)

"Our son has participated in this program for most of his 4K-Kindergarten career at IPS Morningside. He excels in sports, including soccer, but was overwhelmed when we tried other programs with 10+ teams practicing and playing games on one field. Kidz 'n' Kicks provides great training in fundamental skills while making it fun for everyone."

Linda (Parent)

"This is an awesome program for kids, Grace absolutely loves it! The coaches are so much fun and send the most thoughtful emails about what the kids learned that week. Highly recommend!"

Heather (Parent)

My daughter (3 1/2 now) loves Kidz 'n Kicks and the coaches! She has been participating in the program since she was two, and she has made tremendous progress. I personally love that the program focuses not only on ball skills, but also listening stills. Great introduction to such a fun sport. Highly recommend!

Meredith (Parent)

"We absolutely love Coach Stanley and Kidz n Kicks soccer. Our daughter, who is 4, has been playing soccer with them since she was 2. She has leaned so many things, from life lessons, to soccer drills, to getting along with others. Coach Stanley has been an integral part of her maturity over the last two years. She has more confidence and has learned many physical skills. We recommend Kidz n Kicks and Coach Stanley to everyone."

Marijane (Parent)

"My son loved this program and it helped him to learn how to follow directions and work together with other kids."

Jessica (Parent)

"Our son absolutely adores Coach Stanley! He makes learning how to play soccer lots of fun! We love his email updates!"

Erin (Parent)

"My daughter loves this program. She can even tell me what she did in class that day. Which for me is a sign of a great program!"

Kim (Parent)

"Elliot has just started but we love Coach Stanley and Coach Savannah and the program already."

Stacey (Parent)

"My 2 year old twins LOVE this program and coach Stanley!"

Amy (Parent)

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