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Soccer is called the "world's beautiful game" and it is the most played sport among youths in the United States today. Our in-school program strives to use soccer as an educational tool designed for kids of ages 2-8. Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer works with learning centers, so sessions are held during normal school hours. We also offer weekend programs open to everyone and this is a great opportunity for all the kids who do not attend the schools we work with. Our hands-on instruction helps kids gain and sometimes master important skills like being focused to learn, staying engaged, cooperation and physical skills related to the game, which build confidence and empathy.


" Soccer is a magical sport"

"Sport is something that is very inspirational for young people"

"PLAY is the highest form of research"

TOTS (2 -3 year olds)

This is first level of our program where we focus on teaching the basic concepts of soccer. These fundamentals include dribbling the ball and remembering NOT to use the hands. All exercises help with listening skills, following direction, coordination and balance. Pictorial instruction and fun games help to keep all kids involved.

KICKS (3 - 5 year olds)

The Kicks level is high energy and introduces kids to concepts like dribbling, control and shooting. Our innovative curriculum evolves around fun games, but here we introduce the concepts of taking responsibility, building character and self confidence.

GRADES (2 -3 year olds)

Here we introduce technical skills like control, passing, and scoring goals. Challenging small sided games help kids to stay fit and learn about the importance of sports and being active as a lifestyle. There is strong emphasis on teamwork, respect, empathy using positive reinforcement.

OPEN PROGRAMS (2 - 5.5 year olds)

This program is for camps which are most often held on weekends or as an after-school program. Perfect for home schooled and kids with learning centers who are not participating in Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer. All sessions are grouped based on age, and the locations and times are kept updated on our website.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES (2 -14 year olds)

We do soccer themed birthday parties. Here kids enjoy fun games as well as learn whilst celebrating. The length is 30-45 minutes and cost varies. Please call or email for more details.

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Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer program corresponds with the school calendar and has 4 seasons:

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

We also offer weekend soccer programs as well as birthday parties. Locations for the weekend programs are on our registration page.

Cost of the Program is:

$80-$250 per season (per child)

We also offer sibling discounts

**Cost includes a t-shirt or Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer gift your child will love**

One season is 4-16 weeks and classes are:

  • 30-45 minutes

  • Once a week.

  • The ratio of coaches to kids is 1:10 and each participant will have a soccer ball.


Our founder, Stanley Nyazamba is the former assistant coach for the Oglethorpe University women's soccer team and also head coach for Georgia Tech's Women's Club team. He has also been  a professional soccer player for the last 6 years, and has played in all 3 US professional leagues (MLS, USL and NASL). As 2008 Major League Soccer (MLS) champion with Columbus Crew as well as 2008 USL Rookie of the Year, Stanley is devoted to excellence. His commitment carries over to Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer, whose mission is to bring meaningful life skills to the lives of your children, through the beautiful game of soccer.  


  • The founder, Stanley Nyazamba, has a complete understanding of the game has played soccer since age 3, and soccer is his life.
  • Stanley played professionally for 6+ years and has been coaching preschoolers for over 7 years.
  • Today, soccer is the fastest growing and most played sport by youths in the USA, with 4 million players.
  • We are an in-school program, convenient for parents.
  • We believe that being active is good for all, and encourage kids to be active from a young age, thus helping combat a sedentary lifestyle.
  • No gear is needed - We provide all the equipment
  • Unlike franchisees, we are independent and flexible to make changes to the curriculum to better suit the needs of our kids.
  • Creative games help kids of all levels stay engaged.
  • Games help coordination, balance, motor skills and endurance.
  • Our program philosophy helps develop life skills such as listening, empathy, teamwork and respect.
  • Most coaches are pro soccer players and all use positive reinforcement
  • Ratios of coaches to kids is 1:10 at the highest.
  • Coaches are equipped with a curriculum full of games, as well as pictorial coaching boards.
  • We are non-competitive and our goal is to build confidence, self efficacy and self-esteem.
  • Our insurance covers all the participants in our program.
  • Our goal is to have an ever-lasting impression on all kids who go through our program.
  • We have open programs for home schooled kids and non-participating schools.
  • Kidz 'n' Kicks is a great investment towards the health and development of all children.
  • Kids and parents will fall in love with our program as it is all FUN!!!
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