Birthday Parties

Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer does birthday parties and here are some pointers about that:


  • The price range is $150 - $350+ depending on the number of kids and the length of the party.

  • Soccer is the first part of the party before cake and everything else you will have planned. 

  • The soccer part will be 30-35 minutes long.

  • You will have to figure out the location and let us know the details. We can help if you need any help with that. 

  • You will have to communicate and confirm with us on the time, location etc.

  • We also recommend an alternate location in case of inclement weather.

  • Depending on the number of kids, we will have one, two or three coaches. 

  • For 5-10 kids we will have one coach and the cost will be $150. 

  • For 11-20 kids we will have 2 coaches at the cost of $250.  

  • If you have over 21-30 kids we will have to provide 3 coaches and the cost will be $350.

  • If you are expecting over 30 kids please email or call us to discuss some details.

  • We will also provide complementary water bottles and bracelets for all the kids, courtesy of Kidz 'n' Kicks Soccer. Please let us know about the party ahead of time so that we can order these timely.

  • The b'day boy/girl will be provided with a Kidz 'n' Kicks gift which could be a t-shirt, lunch bag, sunglasses, string bag, mini ball etc.

  • We can also provide Kidz 'n' Kicks shirts for all the kids, but they will be an additional cost of $10 per shirt. If you need these, please let us know way ahead of time so that we can be able to order these.

  • You do not have to buy any soccer equipment, as we will provide everything needed for the soccer part of the event. 

  • Cleats are not recommended as a safety precaution. Tennis shoes and comfortable clothes will work.

  • All kids will have fun regardless of their soccer experience. 


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